Ballerino Sewing Kit (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Stacy Park
Instructor: Matthew Strong
Location: Brooklyn,NY
Project Type: Student Project

Students were to choose a brand and design a sewing kit for the male consumer keeping in relation to the brand image.

Sewing Kit design for Royal Ballet School located in London. This sewing kit is specially made upon request by the Royal Ballet School for Albrecht, the leading male ballet dancer of the ballet Giselle. Threads, needles, scissor, patches for Act 1 + Act 2, needle threader, safety pins, and all the basic necessities for sewing are included for emergent situations. The use is only permitted for members of the Royal Ballet School and has been designed to honor the Bridge of Aspiration.
Design concept was taken from Bridge of Aspiration which connects the Royal Opera House to Royal Ballet School. This delicate twisted shape reflects the flexibility and gracefulness of ballet . An effective sewing kit was design to contain multiple items within a constrained area.

The Unique Points Of The Packaging: Unique shape inspired by Bridge of Aspiration and ability to contain multiple items within small constrained space.