Corn On The Cup

Derrick Lin


Agency: P4CK
Director: Chris Eves
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Coca Cola / Blue Stocking
Location: UK, Italy, Romania, Austria
Packaging Contents: Popcorn
Packaging Materials: FBB

Drum roll please……. Enter Corn On The Cup! Have you ever been to the cinema juggling your tickets, sweets, popcorn and drink? Look no further Corn On The Cup is a simple piece of packaging enabling popcorn and drink to be held in one hand!

P4CK have come up with a solution to put an end to the chaos of a trip to the cinema. The patented product was launched on the Coca-Cola stand at the 2015 CineEurope Convention in Barcelona. Trials are currently under way in Italy, Austria and Romania.

Corn On The Cup is designed to enhance the experience of movie goers. Simply pop up; scoop the popcorn, and slot the carton on top of a Coke cup giving you a hand free!

What’s Unique?
Corn On The Cup has a patented inverted crash lock – never been seen before – this enables the pack to be snugly clipped onto a cup.