Ekselence Macaroons

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Derrick Lin


Design Agency: Food Union
Art director/designer: Alexey Gorozhanin
Marketing Director: Konstantin Dotsenko
Marketing Manager: Anton Kozyakov
Project Type: Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Popsicle
Location: Riga, Latvia

Ekselence is an absolute dream for anyone with a sweet tooth. The packaging shows a delicious combination of the subtle flavors inside the popsicles, and it almost looks as though the macarons, flowers, chocolate, and nuts are exploding out of the popsicle on the front. Although the flavors seem straightforward, the images imply that there is more than meets the eye inside each sweet treat. The photos of the popsicle take center stage on the packaging, appealing to those looking for a dessert that is more than just the traditional popsicle.