Quatre Mains

Kronekalseide, Maldegem, België

Design: Quatre Mains
Project Type: Produced
Client: Val-Dieu, Belgian Abbey Beer
Location: Belgium
Packaging Contents: Abbey Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Offset printing

An Ancient story of Heritage & Expertise
Somewhere in the remote east of Belgium, in the land of Herve, lies the Abbey of Val-Dieu. Nestled serenely within a quiet valley, this Cistercian abbey dating back to 1216, has for centuries had a rich, historical influence on the region. Previously the Val-Dieu brand was divided into 3 sub-identities; one for the abbey, the cheese and the beer. These identities lacked the strength and clarity required from a unified brand.

Quatre Mains was therefore challenged to develop an overarching corporate identity for Val-Dieu whilst creating an impactful packaging identity for both the beer and the cheese that fell in line with the whole family.

‘In Vinculo Pacis’
Focused on the abbeys truly authentic heritage and artisan craftsmanship, we looked to confirm this little-known abbey of Val-Dieu, as a proud and essential part of historical Belgian culture.

After an extensive visit to the abbey we noticed an iconic symbol that kept on appearing. In the stained glass windows, the furniture, the wall masonry,… the two ring symbol referring to ‘the bond of peace’ was unmistakably part of the Val-Dieu history. This unique icon of the Cistercian monastic order that symbolizes strong unity, balance and interaction, was something we had to make our own.

Based on this two ring symbol, our branding encapsulates the silhouette of the Val-Dieu abbey. To enhance the ancient heritage and artisan spirit, we added the abbeys stained glass structure which treasures the symbolic river that flows through the valley. The updated logotype forms a solid and timeless foundation to our unique brand icon. The copper colour was chosen to refer to the material used to refine and decorate the abbeys iconic tower.

Trésor du temps
A true treasure of Val-Dieu abbey is its beer. Like all true, authentic Belgian abbey beers, they’re brewed inside the abbey itself. In order to celebrate this heritage and to set Val-Dieu apart from other abbey beers we decided to focus our design around our branding and its unique label shape. The craft paper touch with important copper foil finish, lifts the packaging to a level that’s asks to be admired and respected.

We’ve helped awaken and unlock the delicious secrets behind this historical Belgian icon.

Before (left) and After (right)