Raugyklos g. 3-5, 01140 Vilnius, Lithuania


Packaging for kids is rarely treated with the same care and thought as packaging for adults or pets! Akvilė Kids decided to show everybody that kids deserve more than just another cute, mindless mascot and embarked on a journey to create something thoughtful, sensitive and educational while maintaining that crazy, fun look and feel.


The Invisible Things concept showcases visual interpretations of feelings, experiences and imagination through fun child-like stickers. They help teach kids how to be healthy and hydrated, identify their feelings (which can be too complicated sometimes), and develop better verbal skills.

Using the HP SmartStream algorithm, we created a system that, in the end, gave us a result of more than 9 MILLION unique water bottle labels, or putting it in real-life terms, a custom water bottle for each Lithuanian child until the year 2040.

We took something as ordinary and plain as a water bottle, put immense love, care and thought behind it, and created an educational playground on the supermarket shelves.



Raugyklos g. 3-5, 01140 Vilnius, Lithuania
Art direction: Aliona Bobin
Design: Beatričė Baronaitė Lau
Product photoshoot: Irmantas Savulionis
Post-production: Beatričė Baronaitė Lau
Account management: Ramunė Slepovė
Printing manufacturing: Immer Digital
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