Novel High-end Paints


Raugyklos g. 3-5, 01140 Vilnius, Lithuania


Paint manufacturers often strive to create unique product designs that stand out from competitors. However, many designs are generic and loud. The team behind the NOVEL brand consists of paint professionals who specialise in creating high-end paints. Rather than standing out, they aim to create a system that helps their own store consultants provide better service. NOVEL is a paint system that is designed to meet this goal.


In your own stores, you don’t need to stand out. You need to communicate. Therefore, we wanted to create a simple, straightforward, valuable system for new and experienced employees. The clean black space contrasts the colourful line separation, and the number identifies the matte level. Clear hierarchy and simple labelling are all that help to quickly and conveniently find the most suitable product.



Raugyklos g. 3-5, 01140 Vilnius, Lithuania
Design strategy: Gintarė Marcinkevičienė
Art direction: Irmantas Savulionis
Design: Artūras Lavruvjanec
Product visualisations: Daniel Samulewicz
Post-production: Artūras Lavruvjanec
Account management: Ramunė Slepovė, Auguras Pipiras