At the core of SIO lies a profound commitment to natural beauty. Since its inception, the company has been passionately dedicated to providing a wide range of decorative rocks, from majestic volcanic stones to smooth and serene river rocks. SIO strives to bring the essence of nature into human environments, transforming interiors and exteriors into living works of art. Their catalog offers a carefully curated variety of products of the highest quality, ensuring customer satisfaction. Committed to environmental sustainability, they operate responsibly and collaborate with suppliers who share their vision.

With exceptional customer service, they are there to be more than mere providers; they are partners in creating truly inspiring spaces. Join SIO in their quest for natural beauty and discover how their stones can transform any environment into something extraordinary. SIO: Where nature meets creativity.

We created this beautiful project from the ground up. From the name that means “healing stones” in the Bribi dialect, to the logo and branding of the brand that transmits a contemporary and raw image, which makes a modern brand with autochthonous features, which stands out in a category where it is not seen so much image or graphic design.