Agency: Backbone Branding
Creative Director: Stepan Azaryan
Illustrator: Elina Barseghyan
Photos: Backbone Branding and Suren Manvelyan
Location: Armenia
Project Type: Redesign
Client: JOYCO
Packaging Contents: Chocolate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Flexography

The Client approached us to do the redesign for one of their well-known and successful products: Joyco dragee line

It had to comply with delicate rules of rebranding because the product was already in the market for years and was greatly acknowledged by the customer due to its high quality. However, the branding of the product contradicted the rules of classic branding.

The conditions for redesign were restricted as we had to maintain the pose of the characters’ face, the position of the body and its facet in order to keep it as identifiable with its already known and perceived character, as possible. Moreover, there were technical limitations related to dieline, which was not subject to change.

Taking into account everything we had to transform the characters so that customers would immediately recognize them and have an association of quality improvement without the sense of alienation.

On the other hand, we had the challenge to make it brand-oriented.

Initially, the packaging of the product hadn’t any details emphasizing the affiliation with the brand: there were no clear indications of product type, and the logo was on the backside of the packaging.

We made it brand-oriented and inserted brand belonging into packaging by clearly showing the brand, product type, and logo with the chocolate association, all of which are crucial for brand positioning and promotion.

Moreover, we altered the lifeless flat 2D design with more lively 3D illustrations, added texture and softness to the hair of characters by making them look like soft toys, which creates strong engagement and emotional connection.