Nine Brand Identity Creation

Backbone Branding


How far can we go in transforming imagination into reality, armed with the right tools and a solid background? For us, this question is not just a curiosity; it’s a guiding principle woven into the fabric of the brand identity crafted for Nine.

Central to our creative journey are two key elements – a two-dimensional architectural grid and Nine’s distinctive logo. Present on A3 paper, notebooks, and the canvas of Nine’s business cards, this grid reflects the essential tools architects use to sketch new possibilities. The grid lines on the business card serve a dual purpose, transforming it into a canvas for quick sketches during business meetings with clients – a unique touch that carries the essence of quick, creative expressions, making each card a distinctive piece with its own signature.

At the heart of Nine’s brand identity is the logo – strategically positioned on documents, mirroring the starting point of the architectural grid. It’s not merely a symbol; it’s the visual embodiment of Nine’s essence, anchoring the vision with unity and purpose. The logo, composed of two elements forming the number “9”; resembles a building when viewed from above.

In the symphony of Nine’s brand identity, the logo emerges as a masterpiece, echoing the silhouette of a building when multiplied and dissected, revealing an entire cityscape. It’s a city where boundaries dissolve, paving the way for limitless imagination.

Each module of the logo becomes the cornerstone for future buildings, projects, and a canvas for constructing ideas. As we delve into this modular landscape, the city takes shape, offering a visual journey where ideas materialize into architectural marvels.

In essence, Nine’s brand identity narrates a visual journey – from the logo’s symbolic beginnings to the expansive city of possibilities it unfurls. It’s a celebration of unbounded creativity, where each logo module acts as a catalyst for architectural innovation. The grid, a silent facilitator with a functional role, ensures that these dreams materialize on paper and extend beyond.
We’ve designed a world where Nine’s logo isn’t merely a symbol but the gateway to a thriving city of endless possibilities.

Through a collaborative process with the client, we’ve crafted an identity that not only mirrors their vision but actively contributes to bringing all their ideas to life. Nine’s brand identity serves as the bridge between concept and reality, offering a platform where creativity converges with collaborative efforts, bringing forth a thriving city of endless possibilities, future creation, and innovative collaboration.