CAFEOPIA (Confectionary)

A client visited us with the ambition to open a new café that serves and sells a wide variety of coffees from around the world, along with sweets and coffee-based cocktails. They needed a brand name and identity for their business idea.

The business idea itself inspired the name. We wanted it to sound like a country, so we named it “Cafeopia.” Our team also created a slogan: “Café about coffee.”

Our visual identity concept revolves around hand-picked beans, making human hands the centerpiece. Unlike other brands that use full-bodied characters, we created a unique brand character for Cafeopia by turning human hands into characters. Our use of patterns and colors strengthened the hand illustrations, emphasizing femininity or masculinity and giving them personality.

We portrayed the hands in versatile positions, making them easily applicable to different products. We designed packaging for a variety of complementary sweets, including ice cream tubs. The ice cream packaging features colors and patterns that symbolize the taste and flavor of each kind.

Modern digital printing technology allowed us to create various brand identity variations on multiple products, enabling our client to experiment with different designs and determine which packaging resonated best with consumers.


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Backbone Branding

Brand Strategist: Lusie Grigoryan
Brand Strategy assistant: Nelly Stepanyan, Lusine Harutyunyan
Creative Director: Stepan Azaryan
Art Director & Illustrator: Elina Barseghyan
Graphic Designers: Ashot Hayrapetyan , Liana Mazmanyan , Lilit Hovhannisyan
Animation: Sahak Zarbabyan
Royal Armenia