365 is a yearly, limited edition route by EfficaceMente to help users achieve their goals. We created the Limited Edition Kit for 2022, which is a box containing 4 different types of diaries, a poster, a postcard and instructions for use. The challenge was to maintain continuity with the 2021 edition by revamping the box set and thus the experience of using the entire kit. The four diaries were made in a vertical format with the binding exposed. On the cover, made on Fedrigoni Sirio Color E20 Denim Perla, we applied an engraved embossing in which we wanted to emphasize the passage of time between the 4 different quarters. In the kit, there is also a small box to unwrap in Sirio Color Arancio in which there are instructions on how to use the kit, the poster to be used throughout the year and the mantra cards to be used as placeholders for each quarter, as well as the limited-edition welcome card personalized with an orange hot print.