Kefood is an Italian food brand specialising in the production of Low Card products.

We worked on the renaming, rebranding and new positioning of the brand on the market. The objective was to focus on international communication, creating a recognisable identity system for the wide range of products and their packaging, as well as the desire to expand the product range by not only focusing on products for the ketogenic diet but also opening up to the low carb market.

The first action was to work on the Brand Architecture of the different lines and products. Reorganising all the different products into product lines and standardising the communication format was a major challenge.

What was needed was a visual structure capable of adapting to the size of the different product packaging.

The solution was to focus on a highly visible typographic choice with the wording ‘Kefood’ divided into three levels in order to make the most of the vertical development of the packaging, replacing the first ‘o’ of the name with the product image.

This extremely flexible visual structure makes it possible to create a recognisable range, and at the same time allows a wide range of uses, from cardboard packaging, such as biscuits or crackers, to doypack packaging of preparations to extremely small packaging such as creams.



Creative Director: Maurizio Cascio
Art Director: Raffaele Sabella
Visual Designer: Angela Arillo
Visual Designer: Giulia Gerini
Project Manager: Antonio Golino
3D Artist: Alessandro Faiella