365 is an annual, limited (per)course by Efficacemente to help users realise their goals. We designed the graphic restyling of the course, in line with the Efficacemente rebranding.

We then focused on the physical product of the course: the limited edition Kit, a package containing 4 different types of diaries, a poster, a postcard and instructions for use.

The Kit experience starts with the opening of a horizontal casket that reveals the 4 diaries in a temporal sequence. Each diary represents a quarter of the year: the first quarter is represented by the starting ‘point’, a unique element. The second quarter by two parallel rectangles indicating the right path to follow. The third quarter by the geometric figure with three sides, perfect for emphasising the prioritisation phase, and the fourth, the last quarter of the year, by a rhombus that brings to mind the preciousness of the diamond or of the objectives achieved.



Creative Director: Maurizio Cascio
Art Director: Raffaele Sabella
Visual Designer: Angela Arillo
Visual Designer: Giulia Gerini
Project Manager: Antonio Golino