“Çörəkçi” is the bread producer. Despite its name (it means “baker” in Azeri), neither the logo nor the packaging design reflected the spirit of the company. I proposed a rebranding of the logo and the creation of a mascot as part of this work.

The mascot of such a brand, of course, had to be a baker. But the creation of the mascot is just a part of the project, it was also necessary to create a packaging design. It’s not enough just to create a beautiful design, it must also have certain practicality. Therefore, I suggested to the client to divide the products not by flour grades, as all manufacturers do, but by area of ​​use. Indeed, the technologists noted that types of flour have their own field of application. Soon, together with the company’s technologists, 4 types of baking flour were created: for cakes, flour dishes, bread, and pizza. The result of the work was not just a beautiful package, but a functional solution that provides a convenient choice for the consumer.