Lightkeeper – Extra Dry Gin


Lightkeeper – Extra Dry Gin.
Craft gin created in the small-batch distillery.

I created a label with the portrait of a lighthouse keeper. The design was inspired by the story about the people working as lighthouse keepers on the harsh of the north sea. The design is a unique mix of raster illustration in realism style and vector graphics in the imitation of engraving.

Editor’s Insight:

The centerpiece of this exquisite creation is the hand drawn portrait of a lighthouse keeper, poignantly encapsulating their struggles as they battle the storms and ever-present danger of the sea. The careful attention to detail oozes from every element of this label – from the perfectly captured emotion in the eyes of the keeper to the intricate representation of the raging waves beneath them.

The combination of these two mediums adds depth and texture to the label, creating a visual representation of the brave people who have kept our coasts safe for centuries.