Beerkeeper | Brand for sale


Often, while working on a project, designers experience phantom ideas not related to the project itself. These ideas involve branding, but they exist outside the context of the current task.

Sometimes they are so captivating that they overshadow the real work. Instead of focusing on urgent projects, designers immerse themselves entirely in this phantom world. Previously, I could easily ignore such distractions, but age blurs boundaries, and sometimes I just forget which of the works is real and which is a phantom.

Failing to find anything better, I decided to complete phantom projects and put them up for sale. The first phantom project was inspired by a tweet from Hikmet Hajiyev: “Leopards and bears with amputated legs are found in the liberated territories of Azerbaijan… Landmines don’t discriminate between combatants, civilians, or wild animals.” Perhaps this project could interest you, but if you’d like to depict a different animal, a different perspective, or a different title, that’s not a problem!

Phantom projects will showcase my capabilities in design and branding; upcoming projects will be even more crazy; I’m just beginning to age 🙂