São Luís - MA, Brasil

Sauv was born based on these premises and with the aim of offering a new way of looking at wine.

SAUV presents the vineyard in a modern and irreverent way, but without sacrificing quality. The brand connects with the new consumer, who seeks innovative and purposeful products.

The SAUV line consists of four wines: White Seco, Tinto Seco, Frisante White and Frisante Rosé, with an alcohol content of up to 11%.

Concept, Creative Process

Based on the brand’s objective, which is to offer a new way of looking at young, modern and practical wine. 5 illustrations were developed that represent the young and relaxed public of the SAUV brand.

All matching every style of wine, every personality, together representing the friends, the rabble.

A new look at packaging, style and representation. Not straying too far from the old packaging palette. More I applied new colors, but the colors of the old Sauv can be still very present, giving continuity and leaving the brand fun, young, modern and practical, where I played with typography in details and means of communication inside the packaging itself, communicating with the brand audience.

The basis of the entire creative process was a market research, both on (1online’ and 11offline”). Where it can be concluded that most young people prefer products that are canned for consumption at parties such as (beverages, energy drinks, juices) and not in glass.

Well, glass materials are rarely allowed at parties, where they are difficult to move and heavy. That’s why wines aren’t very popular when it comes to take away. More competitors like (Vinho 22, Lovin, Vibra and Sauv) are changing this game. Note: In my research here in the capital of Maranhão I did not find canned wine, only in a glass or in a pet bottle.

The inspirations for this creation were: people, carnival, friends and parties where the objective is: a brand that is present, young and that represents value to its audience.

The illustrations were inspired by shapes that represent the brand’s audience, inspired by emojis, each one can be given a personality. The red, a more rustic personality, the white wine a cooler vibe and good vibes, the Frisante White a more social vibe and the rosé a

mix, both socially and on a roll.



São Luís - MA, Brasil
Director Design: Gabriel Nascimento