In these little, incisive words concentrate the mission of the new brand Maikiibox, an innovative project created by a team of under 30 professionals based in Treviso, that is revolutioning the way to mean, use and communicate USB flash drives.

The Maikiibox project is born from the Maikii company, since a few years leader in the custom USB pendrives market, in order to satisfy a new requirement of the market: to succeed in conciliating the usefullness with the originality and the style also in the more technological accessories, so as to render them cult and collection objects.

Maikiibox 2

“It’s the desire to communicate that has inspired Maikiibox – says Matteo Fabbrini Maikii General Manager – evolving what in principle was a technical vocation exclusively tied to the transmission and conservation of digital data. Maikiibox – he continues – has transformed the USB flash drive in an object of desire, a real creation that distinguish itself and it makes us differentiate from the others.”

Thus in 2010 it’s born the first Maikiibox collection composed from 6 new, colored and funny models. Objects that up to now have never been seen in the stores. And that are literally going “stealed”. The reasons? Cutting edge forms, innovative materials, dimensions reduced to the minimum and a bicolor packaging in polyurethane, laser-cutted in order to contain every USB drive like a jewel. The all enclosed in colorful cubes – magenta, blue and yellow – that act as at the same time as boxes and display cases. Impossible not to notice them.

Every USB flash drive expresses a precise way to be, a mental attitude, a style. Z-Drive is elegant as well as how much Bean is esuberante, while Rubberman is decidedly nonconformist and Slyd2 expresses self-confidence, Zoom represents the creativity and at last Swing Duo is the quintessential eclecticism. And that is why whit Maikiibox begins the era of the USB as communication media.

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