Turtle Wax (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Spencer Bigum, United States.

Main Objective:
To redesign the package of the #1 recognized car polish brand: Turtle Wax. I wanted to give this brand a fresh update and new look to help them really achieve the status of a premium brand without the premium price. Because what car manufactures say about your new car not needing car polish to maintain the original look and feel of the car’s finish for as long as possible, is a fabricated lie.

Challenge: Create a unique bottle shape while maintaining their 2 biggest visual assets: the infamous turtle and the color green.

Opportunity: To really connect people with the shape and design of the bottle both though the look and
the feel.

Target audience:
This new bottle design really targets the average car owner who wants a solid product to take care of their car. Wether they wash and wax their car once a week or once a month, to enjoy the feeling of a well maintained vehicle.

Process + Design: Why not blow out the idea of the turtle – make it own-able, iconic, and refresh their brand. Inspiration and graphic elements came from old car wash signs which are typically playful, full of typographic elements, and make it look like taking care of your car is fun. Plus I wanted to mimic that feeling through a bottle design that was vibrant, fun, and would emotionally connect with the consumer through a tactile channel. An iconic turtle pattern was created to establish a unique bottle design. Colors were used as a primary device to visually tell the difference between the different products they make. The new labels use fun typographic lockups and have a playful hierarchy to them. They help to simplify the buying process for someone in the aisle by highlighting their most beneficial asset besides just being a premium car polish. The outcome I think creates a unique and bold solution for the brand of turtle wax to stand out amongst it’s competitors.

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