Quick Restaurants

Derrick Lin


Designed by Black & Gold, France.

By focusing on a powerful brand sign and reinventing the entire product language, Blackandgold create a fresh and colorful packaging line, with funny offbeat product messages, totally in line with the brand spirit!

Quick (fast food restaurants), N°2 in France and N°3 in Europe, had to modernize its entire packaging line, to develop a strong, consistent and « aspirational » brand identity. (No evolution of the graphic line since 2006).

Face to its competitor, Quick had also to embody its positioning on « Taste » by focusing on perceived quality and appetency, by boosting its offbeat tone of voice to be attractive for the 15-35.

Result : A clarified positioning (around Taste, authenticity and a « European touch » and diversity of « taste experiences » proposed to customers, a reinforced brand power ( via a true and unique tone of voice and a consistent packaging line), an upgraded perceived quality threw appetency and brand status, wish fully express the brand spirit : Generosity, Complicity and Connivance.

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Before and After