BoxBag (Concept)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Casey Ng, New Zealand.

In this project of Food Culture, I wanted to introduce New Zealand’s Food Culture into the international market. And as part of the food culture in New Zealand, is to enjoy the great outdoors with great people. With that in mind I decided to choose a classic outdoor dish that best represents this food culture, which is Fish and Chips.

Fish and Chips has been around for many decades, it is a cheap dish wrapped with plain newspaper, again and again. It was until recently that this dish was wrapped in plain newsprint for hygiene reasons. My take on this project is not only let the consumers enjoy the great outdoors, but inform the consumer about the best of New Zealand and how to eat the traditional Fish and Chips.

The bag itself is made of 2 cheap materials, kraft paper and plain cardboard. And uses an additional layer of plain newsprint. Firstly the Fish and Chips is wrapped with plain blank newsprint as per traditional Fish and Chips is wrapped. Then it is placed into this BoxBag, which the shopkeeper then folds multiple times and is given to the consumer.

The bag itself is slightly higher than the usual paper bag, creating a slight annoyance when it comes to getting into the food. Which makes the user want to rip the bag open, and by ripping it open, this easy access and low maintenance access parallels to the original design of the Fish and Chips packaging. Moreover, the bag also has a nice decorative perforation around the whole bag. So, if the user chooses to eat on the go, they simply need to rip the tab at the back of the bag and the whole package turns into a carton.

The interior of the bag has been designed with different New Zealand articles composed into a newspaper-like sheet. Providing the consumer an idea of what New Zealand’s great landscapes are like while they are eating.

Furthermore, because this whole package is made of pure paper, therefore is easily disposed like the traditional packaging.

  1. Splendid !
    Hm Hm ..It may be a hard job to tear off the dotted center line with foods full inside. So risky to spil out. For this, not perfect for practice yet.
    I recommend designer the other way. How about the tearing line beside vertically inside the folded envelop? Both sides envelop, I suggest.

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