Dragon Rouge

1 Craven Hill, London W2 3EN, UK

Designed by Dragon Rouge, France.

In order to innovate on the soluble coffee market, Kraft Foods has renewed its trust in Dragon Rouge to design its new coffee generation: Millicano.

Soluble coffee is back!
Carte Noire (Kraft Foods), Leader of the French coffee market, wanted to innovate in the high-end segment to meet demand on the market. It launched Millicano, the first mixture of soluble coffee and finely ground coffee beans, and asked Dragon Rouge to imagine its packaging.

Setting the scene!
Dragon Rouge has developed a packaging that breaks Carte Noire’s traditional codes whilst keeping its founding values: ‘Luxury, elegance and modernity’. Millicano is packed in a metal tin with sleek, contemporary design. The silvery surface echoes innovation and reinforces the prestige of the product. The result is that Dragon Rouge has created a witty and imaginative concept that highlights Millicano’s features. Launched from late February, Millicano’s packaging comes in 3 formats.

‘With this breakthrough innovation in the high-end segment, 2012 marks a turning point for Carte Noire in reinventing the soluble coffee’ said Charlotte Prestat, Soluble Coffee Group Head.