Dark Horse Whisky

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Strano and Pettigrew Design Associates, Canada.
Illustration: Steven Noble
Photographer: Craig Samuel
Digital Imaging: Jeff Brown / FTP @ S1 Group

Dark Horse Whisky – Alberta Premium’s Darker side.

Strano and Pettigrew’s brief was to develop packaging that embraced this new brand’s values. Values that include breaking with convention, embracing the art of invention and the inspiration to do things differently. Dark Horse is a breakthrough whisky that is bolder, richer and discernibly new.

The design strategy was to take a contemporary, type driven approach. We wanted as much of a solid black label as possible in order to help create visual presence on shelf – while at the same time allowing the liquid to show through so connoisseurs could clearly see the beautiful dark amber colour of the whisky.

The Dark Horse brand identity represents the founder’s love of thoroughbred racing and a passion for excellence. In keeping with the solid black appeal of the label we chose to print the horse as a clear spot coating.

The result is a striking package that fully embraces this bold, new whisky’s commitment to “Raising the bar in Canadian whisky.”