Toronto, ON, Canada

Solapop is an exciting new craft soda brand launching in 2023.

The brand is authentic and all about fun, inclusion, approachability, sustainability, and really just an overall sense of well-being. As their Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer writes “The desirability of the Solapop brand is anchored in the notion of empowering our customers to define what fun means to them and to seek out more of it.” Well embodied in the team’s positioning line, “Inner fizzdom.”

Our approach to package design was somewhat minimal. We wanted to place emphasis on their unique flavour profiles and felt we could achieve that by representing each flavour combination with a series of prominent vertical colour bars, which make up the majority of the primary display areas. Paired with a fun, quirky typeface and minimal design, the new packaging will be visually striking on the shelf. It will help clearly differentiate Solapop from other craft sodas in the space.

From a sustainability standpoint, Solapop will be printing direct-to-can with a conscious desire to avoid excess waste from wraps or labels while, in turn, contributing to uncomplicated recycling.