Mohawk Paper Promo (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Aik Chin Teoh, Malaysia.
School: RMIT University, Australia.

This project aims to promote Mohawk’s newly launched sustainable un-coated paper with high-fidelity print performance, i-Tone.

Served as a tool for the embodiment of Mohawk’s approach in reducing its environmental impact through the production of recyclable windpower – manufactured paper, the design of this paper promotional piece echoes the external form of a windpower and the recycle symbol. Every paper sample can be lifted and is accompanied with quotes reminding user to make wise paper choice. Soft turquoise and delicate lines exude the sense of tranquility, allowing meticulous paper selection.

Besides an interesting way of getting paper samples into the hands of designers, the distinctive structure signifies the presence of a unique range of Mohawk paper stock in the market.