Family Friends


Attikis 55, Vrilissia 152 38, Greece

Designed by 2yolk, Greece.

2yolk’s new range of pet food packaging for AB.

ΑΒ, the second largest supermarket chain in Greece representative of Delhaize Group in Greece, has commissioned 2yolk to redesign its entire Family Friends range of pet products. The basic concept of the design is that household pets can’t stop thinking about the taste of Family Friends pet food. This idea was then incorporated into the creation of the packaging.

In the centre of the pack appears a thought bubble from a dog and a cat, the stars of the packaging, showing their favourite pet food served in a distinctive stainless steel bowl.

For optimum shelf recognition, two main colours were used to distinguish dog food and cat food. The range is one of the most comprehensive in the market, from dry food, paté and cans to accessories and toys for pets.