Chris Family Plant-Based Drinks


Attikis 55, Vrilissia 152 38, Greece

Entering the plant milk market by milking… the past!

Chris Family, an established Greek natural fruit juice brand, is entering the plant-based drinks market with the launching of almond milk. The branding exercise sought to create a new visual language for the products in this category. Thus, we followed a fresh approach that directly references plant-based drinks as a healthy alternative to conventional milk, with an equal nutritional value.

We created a custom-designed packaging that evokes traditional white milk bottles. The clean, curvaceous, and nostalgic bottle looks like it just left the farm, connoting the freshness and purity that has accompanied the concept of milk for centuries. The bottle is dressed with a matte shrink sleeve label, allowing us to create 360-degree artwork that takes advantage of its charming curves. Equally, the tall, thin lettering embraces the bottle and, combined with cool, pastel colours, expresses the product’s lightness and healthiness. The matte texture of the packaging is interrupted only by the spot UV printing on the fresh almond demo and brand logo. The resulting brand pushes the category’s rule book forward, even by looking back with a certain nostalgia.



Attikis 55, Vrilissia 152 38, Greece
Founding Managing Partner: Emmanouela Bitsaxaki
Founding Creative Partner: George Karayiannis
Account Manager: Mariatina Kotsali
Account Manager: Christina Koutsoukali
Senior Copywriter: Despina Sakellaridi
Studio Manager: Alexandra Papaloudi
Senior Art Director: Alexandros Papalexis
Junior Designer: Marina Vardounioti
Photographer: Stelios Tzetzias
Illustrator: Panagiotis Vasilatos
Chris Family