Naked Taste Of Chocolate

Svoe mnenie

Designed by Svoe Mnenie, Russia
Creative Director: Andrey Kugaevskikh
Art Director: Natalya Chistyakova
Designer: Natalya Popova

A new chocolate line of a big Russian manufacturer was to be launched under the brand name “Nue”. The package needed to communicate premiality and naturalness of the product and reflect the idea of the brand name (‘nue’ means ‘naked’ in French).

We live in the world where natural beauty has become rare. Everything is so adorned, glamorized and idealized. So we based our design on the ‘naked taste’ concept which translates into openness, natural beauty, simplicity, nakedness, unvarnished taste. We wanted to avoid excessive details and denude the taste in order to show its generic and original state. Sometimes all you need is to be yourself and to experience emotions in their purity and sincerity. That’s what we offer in our design – experience of the naked taste, chocolate as it is. We made the logo look natural too – a simple transparent inscription as if drawn by a forefinger on chocolate crumbs (‘naked logo’). Nothing superficial and excessive, only pure taste of chocolate.