Bonduelle Breakfast

Svoe mnenie


The team of the Svoe Mnenie agency has created a concept design and naming for a new line of frozen vegetables from Bonduelle. The product itself is a fresh take on frozen vegetables. Peeled and sliced ​​in handy packs for 2 servings you just need to add them to an omelet or scrambled eggs, and in 5 minutes you have a ready-made breakfast.

The naming is based on the consumption situation. The word ‘Breakfast’ immediately creates the right associations and tells the customer about the idea of ​​the product.

The packaging design was created in a laconic, modern style with ‘morning’ codes: fresh colors were used as the basis for the design and a graphic alarm clock that is associated with the morning and reminds us that breakfast should be quick.

In order to show the product and make the food group more appetizing, we organised a special photo shoot.

On the back of the package we posted instructions on how to make breakfast with the mixture and embed a QR code that leads to a website with recipes.

A vegetable breakfast that is ready in 5 minutes is the key to a good mood and a healthy start of the day, and this idea we embodied in the design of the new vegetable mix packaging, supporting Bonduelle in their mission to innovate while caring about people.


Svoe mnenie


Art Director:Yaroslav Zheleznyakov

Designer: Yaroslav Zheleznyakov

Copywriter: Anton Kraynov

Manager: Elena Zamalieva