Real Care Nutritional Supplements



Designed by Molivi, Greece.

REAL CARE, Nutritional Supplements, Cough Syrups

We were commissioned by Panhellenic Pharmacists Cooperative SA, to design a line extension of the Real Care brand, for Nutritional Supplements. The first two products to populate the category are syrups made of natural ingredients, with no added artificial aromas, sweeteners or preservatives. An Antitussive Syrup for dry cough made of propolis, honey, mallow, and thyme. And the Expectorant Syrup for productive cough based on spruce tips, honey and vitamin C.

Our aim was to capitalize on the natural ingredients, honey and spruce tips, to give a hint that it is syrup, by using the spoon and drop, while at the same time keeping a clean and pharmaceutical context, since Real Care syrups are exclusively sold in pharmacies.

Real Care Syrups fight the cough with nature’s most natural ingredients!