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Derrick Lin


Agency: Kommigraphics Design Studio
Designer: Kosmas Apatangelos
Client: Domaine Glinavos
Country: Greece

“Traminer” is a semi-dry wine of the Premium class of “Domaine Glinavos” and is produced from the homonymous Franco-German variety which bears a characteristic fruit aroma. Due to its light after-taste and its golden color, “Traminer” targets a mainly female audience. Our creative goal was to differentiate the product from the rest Traminers of the market so as to enhance product identity and recognition. The design of its new label was based on the German and French flags and their distinguishable colored stripes that allow for a strong base upon which the rest of the artwork develops circumferentially. Creating an experience “around” the wine, we theoretically abolish an A and B side with all the information revolving on the bottle’s label.

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