“Starokyivsky” Kvass


New York, NY, USA

Creative Agency: Graphic design studio by Yurko Gutsulyak
Client: Obolon
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Project Type: Commercial Work

“Starokyivsky” Kvass (The Old Kyiv Kvass) is a new beverage by Obolon Company that apart from quenching your thirst will tell you about the ancient Ukrainian traditions. The first mentions of kvass was date back to the 10th century and refer to the period of rule of the Kyiv Prince Volodymyr the Great. Today, just like many centuries ago, malty kvass remains a natural product based on live fermentation technology and made of sprouted barley and rye.

The design is grounded on the pre-Christian symbols that were preserved due to the tradition of pysanka (Easter egg) making, ancient frescoes and practical everyday objects from the Middle Ages. The Sun as a sacred symbol has a central place in it, because it is associated with Volodymyr the Great as people used to call him the Beautiful (Red) Sun.