Creative Agency: HubGroup
Client: Yousli
Location: Melbourne/ Australia
Project Type: Commercial Work

Yousli is an online muesli brand, that delivers fresh whole food muesli direct to your door anywhere in Australia. With the brand essence being ‘Feel good food’ it was top of mind for us to bring a big smile to the brand, to represent all the good things inside and the way you feel after eating a great healthy breaky. We loved the idea of opening your pantry in the morning and having a little someone smiling right back at you. We decided to develop the packaging as a strong, extra thick cardboard tube, with a plastic lid and a sealed fresh sticker – all made from either 100% recycled or recyclable products, with a foil lining inside to keep the muesli fresh. The Yousli packaging was also designed to act as a mascot, for stronger social media exposure and to really ramp up the brands personality and profile. We recently sent the Yousli tube off on a culinary muesli adventure through Europe to sample the worlds best and comment on it a la fancy food blogger.

The Yousli tube design makes it very easy to pour the muesli out into a bowl and the super strong tube protects the contents during delivery around Australia. The tall tube shape is great for saving space in a crowded pantry. And the tight fitting forged plastic lid makes it very easy to seal and reuse the product.

The jump test:
The biggest design challenge for us was to create a package that could withstand the wear and tear of local and interstate postal delivery and be as sustainable as possible, it also had to keep it’s contents fresh and be jump proof (our term for: jump on it and hope the contents don’t pop out the top.

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