Derrick Lin


Designer: Saana Hellsten
Location: New York, NY, USA

FØLE, which means sense and feel in Norwegian, is an organic, luxurious skin care product line from Norway. The natural ingredients are made from plants grown in the pure and clean environment of the vast mountain ranges, broken up by valleys and fjords. FØLE’s rich textures and fresh scents gives you a sensual experience and a touch of luxury to your everyday life.

The logo symbolizes jin and jang, the balance between female and male, the equality. It also refers to freshness through the drops created by the negative space

The target audience is men and women, aged 25–40 years old who want to use natural, organic products. They also appreciate high quality, timeless and genderless aesthetics in design. The shape originates from a stone tool from the Stone Age. It is ergonomic, fits to hand and relates to nature.

FØLE skin care product line consists of a face cleanser, a face toner, a face oil, a body lotion, a face mask and a face scrub. Different colors help to recognize the products from each other but also show which ones are related to each other (cleanser & toner, face oil & body lotion, scrub & mask). The braille writing on the bottle and packaging make it accessible for the visually impaired. The materials are highly tactile which enriches the user experience. The bottles can be opened with the palm of the hand and without using any finger strength. Even though they have different openings, the front appearance is the same. ​

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