Pikkpack Flat-Packed Shoes

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Sara Gulyas
Shop: Pikkpack Webshop
Photo: Krisztina Filep
Project Type: Self Promotion
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Packaging Material: Canvas

Pikkpack starts out as a flat piece of leather that the wearer can quickly transform into a 3D piece of clothing by assembling the shoe with a single shoelace. A high quality leather loafer with unique design that promotes the use of less material. When it comes to traveling, we need very comfortable and long-lasting footwear that don’t occupy much space. For those who want to pack light but want to bring also some pretty pieces for a trip, Pikkpack is an excellent choice. This flat-packed shoe kit fits into a carry-on with ease.

The whole kit, which includes 1 pair of Pikkpack, 2 pairs of shoelaces and a guide for the lacing, weighs less than 0,7 lbs (0.3 kg). We put the flat shoes into a canvas shoe bag, and send it to you. After you put the shoes together, the canvas bag is still perfect for carrying your Pikkpack. This economical, flat packaging makes the distribution of the product more environmental friendly. A pair of Pikkpack is small and flat enough to fit in an envelope, there is no need for shoe stuffing or paper boxes, which itself revolutionises the logistics of footwear storage and transportation.