Montréal, QC, Canada

Agency: lg2boutique
Client: 29 février
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

A sea change is currently underway in the Quebec maple syrup industry in order to restore the product to its former glory. Its use has typically been relegated to breakfast and the traditional sugar shack. Plus its packaging in a can does nothing to promote its full culinary potential. And yet, maple syrup creates a harmonious blend of flavours. Excellent in vinaigrettes, marinades, everyday dishes and desserts, its versatility is greatly underappreciated.

29 février products are part of the movement to democratize maple syrup. Their labels educate consumers about the notes and subtleties of the different grades of syrup and suggest an array of culinary uses for each grade.

The aura of rarity that surrounds the name, product signature (Maple syrup for all occasions. 366 days per year.) and the elegance of the packaging creates a covet-worthy product that consumers will proudly display on the kitchen counter.