Montréal, QC, Canada

The Microbrasserie de la Madawaska draws its inspiration from the winding river of the same name. The river runs through Dégelis, a small town in Eastern Quebec, whose name in Old French means “an ice-free body of water.” The region’s landscape, with its ubiquitous water and sinuous movement, served as the source for the graphic brand platform.

The cans’ design is based on a simple, eye-catching visual system that stands out in a saturated world. The custom typography communicates a modern yet retro attitude with its visual accents from the 1970s. Extracted and entwined with the MADAWASKA signature, the logo shows a stylized letter M reflected in the water of the bending river, buoyed by a clean, simple design.


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Montréal, QC, Canada
Creative Direction: Jacques de Varennes
Copywritting: Gabrielle Jacques
Design: Anthony Verge
Strategy: Gabrielle Jacques
Client Services: Marilyne Beaudoin
Agency Production: Julie Pichette
Graphic Production: Sylvain Grégoire
Illustration: Anthony Verge, Nicolas Poulin
Microbrasserie de la Madawaska