Toundra: Friendly Nordic Veggies


Montréal, QC, Canada

Serres Toundra, in collaboration with LG2, is kicking off the summer with a crisp new look. Because fresh, local vegetables deserve a brand identity that’s equally fresh, the creative agency developed a visual platform for the greenhouse grower that’s appealing and, above all, friendly. The brightly coloured packaging now stands out on shelves, featuring colours found in the greenhouses and a rounded typeface echoing the year-round abundance of produce.

Located in Saint-Félicien, a northerly region of Quebec (Canada), the greenhouses operate rain or shine, winter or summer. The Nordic climate, just a stone’s throw from the Canadian tundra, helped shape the refreshed brand identity. Clean, straight lines reflecting Serres Toundra’s rigorous approach to agriculture accompany forest green and sunshine yellow, the brand’s signature colours. Playful illustrations appear in many of the brand’s assets, from the packaging to the website.


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Montréal, QC, Canada
VP, ECD: Jacques de Varennes
Copywritting: Béatrice Lachance
Design: Nicolas Poulin
Strategy: Alexandre Normand, Marie-Jeanne Bouchard, Christine Larouche, Gabrielle Jacques
Client Services: Charlotte Fabre, Marilyne Beaudoin
Project Management, Production: Julie Pichette
Motion Design: Daniel Mendoza
Graphic Production: Sylvain Grégoire, Olivia Lapierre-Fortin
Photography: Samuel Billington
Illustration: Nicolas Poulin
Photo editing: Marc Rivest
Serres Toundra