Montréal, QC, Canada

For over 70 years, family-owned K.N. Crowder (KNC) has been the Canadian leader in crafting precision entranceway hardware for high-end hotels, restaurants, commercial and residential properties. Looking to grow their market-share in the US, and be recognized internationally as a category leader, KNC reached out to LG2 to define their positioning as well as completely redesign their brand identity.

The design system was made to look minimal and streamlined—just like KNC’s products—and was inspired by ideas of timelessness, precision and quality. To make the brand stand out on factory floors, and communicate the energy and boldness of the Crowder family operation, key design elements are intentionally oversized and used within a flexible and modular design grid that allows for variation.

A significant packaging design system was necessary to make the rebrand as effective and useful as possible to the operations team. The bold, blocky logo is impactful while the structured system facilitates the organization and identification of multiple product lines.

KNC’s packaging also acts as moving billboards for the brand as they’re shipped across Canada and the United States, enhancing the experience customers have with the brand and delivering on the promise to position KNC products and customer experience as premium and quality-driven.


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Montréal, QC, Canada
Executive Creative Director: Ryan Crouchman
Designer: Jessica Brasil
Group Account Director: Antoine Levasseur
Account Director: Elizabeth Elliot
Account Manager: Kenny Young
Production Artist: Carren Sauder
Production Designer: Lisa Ye
Print Producer: Tracy Haapamaki
KN Crowder