Montréal, QC, Canada

In Canada, fondue has been synonymous with Canton broths and sauces since 1981. Despite Canton’s undisputed position at the top, Lassonde set out to modernize the iconic brand to better reflect today’s eating habits and to win the hearts of a younger clientele. LG2 articulated a new brand promise that pays respect to Canton’s heritage: At the heart of meals that bring us together.

A broader palate 
Meat featured prominently on Canton broth and sauce packages as a classic food pairing. The packaging was completely refreshed: a more diverse selection of foods is featured, recipe ideas now include vegetable protein options and new product names mean a more flexible brand platform. This new and easily identifiable brand platform gives the Canton product family greater visibility in the retail space.

A new tradition
There was also room to introduce a new tradition for fondue aficionados. The original “In Hot Broth” game can be accessed by scanning the QR code on the back of broth packages. When someone accidentally drops a bite into the broth, they must attempt one of the 50-plus challenges that promise to inject a little levity into mealtime.


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