Grimbergen Beer



Agency: Carré Noir
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Kronenbourg SA Grimbergen
Location: Paris, France

Chosen by Kronenbourg to revamp the legendary Grimbergen beer, Carré Noir iconized the brand’s Phoenix by infusing a sense of simplicity, taste and timelessness into the brand. The agency developed the new logo and rethought the look & feel of the brand.

During a year-long work process, Carré Noir optimized and enriched the brand’s emblematic symbols, all the while keeping one key objective in mind: to continue appealing to the brand’s unconditional fans, while also recruiting new consumers in the process.

Carré Noir affirmed the legend of the Phoenix by imagining a more eternal design. The icon is coupled with a more compact typography, creating a brand that is both powerful and legible.

Although Carré Noir was keen on maintaining the fundamental elements of the brand, which were central in creating Grimbergen’s success, the agency also based its work on two strong principles:
– Working with chiaroscuro materials and colours in order to exalt the brown, gold, and luminous tones of the brand.
– Subtly suggesting a moment of consumption, in order to emphasize the nobility of Grimbergen’s taste.

The agency strived to secure a sense of coherence throughout all of Grimbergen’s supports, going as far as defining proprietary codes for the brand’s promotions.