Wine 8 – Pé Franco das Valadas



Agency: M&A Creative Communication Agency
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Luis Pato
Location: Anadia, Portugal
Packaging Contents: Wine

Wine “Pé Franco das Valadas” is overcoming a personal challenge producer Luis Pato, who against all odds, decided to plant Baga vines, non-grafted, on clay-limestone soil where there is a real risk of each vine have to be replanted if attacked by the Phylloxera (plague that at the end of the century XIX destroyed much of Europe’s vineyards).

This wine reflects the “Tradition of Innovation” brand signature of the producer, who is the persistence and tenacity in producing the best wines, joining the technical accuracy with the secular tradition.

Particularly intended for luxury markets such as China, Russia and Angola, the name selection was insightful and thought according to the language and cultures, in which 8 is considered a lucky number. This choice gives the wine a special status and a positive association with luck factor, also required throughout all the production process of this nectar.

The label and packaging were developed taking into account the process and the source of production of a wine excellence through the selection of the best grapes and techniques. With a selective and luxury market positioning, Wine 8 Pé Franco das Valadas is a desire product, appreciated by wine lovers and collectors. The combinations of golden and red color palette represent precisely the wealth, fortune, prestige and product differentiation, enhanced by golden embossing and varnish applied.