Agency: DDVB
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Ochakovo
Location: Moscow
Packaging Contents: Mead low-alcohol beverage

The basic principle of “Ochakovo” is a production according with traditional technologies. All drinks in the wide range of the company are made on classic recipes and from natural ingredients.

The mead from “Ochakovo” has become the main thing to be proud of – a drink has a great history and deep national roots. Due to the presence of natural floral honey in the recipe, “Ochakovo” mead has a fragrant aroma, rich and very mild flavor. In the hot season it’s great thirst quencher and in winter – it warms. Nowadays, mead is gaining popularity – the drink is perfect for fun and hearty communications with friends and it may become an addition to celebratory dinner.

“Ochakovo” appealed to the specialists of the DDVB agency with the intention to “rejuvenate” the audience and maximize brand “check out” from the vast majority of competitors which are actively exploring the popular category and using the “traditional” and “Old Russian” visual images.

To develop a new brand of mead, that stands out from the competitors on the shelf and is able to attract young audience attention with its modern look, becoming thus more tasty and healthy alternative to usual low-alcoholic drinks like beer and various cocktails.

In solving this problem the project team took a fresh look at the mead as tasty, but very “conservative” drink. As a result, the trademark received not only a new name – Medovukha “M”, but also a quite unusual design concept, confirming the idea that traditional does not mean archaic.

The “Ochakovo” mead is a drink with sweet honey aftertaste, it creates a relaxed atmosphere for communication. For this reason, the visual image of the brand got an open, positive, but at the same time soft and unobtrusive character.

Warm colors and light, petal-lace-like flower pattern, enclosed in a honeycomb shape, symbolically reveal rich taste and aroma of mead. And together with the letter “M”, released on a light background with the original shape, and the elegant bottle with a minimalistic design, the brand looks much more modern then the majority of its “tawdry” competitors.

The products under the new brand will appear in the retail chains of Moscow region and other big cities of Russia in the near future.