Design Agency: DDVB
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Ochakovo
Location: Moscow, Russia

Ochakovo is the biggest Russian producer of natural drinks. One of the products Russian customers favorite have become the “Ochakovskiy” kvass – unique beverage with sour sweet taste and delicious aroma.

The “Ochakovskiy” brand has been being the leader of the category for a long time and now it is number one in customers consumption and loyalty rates.

As the founder of the Russian kvass market, the “Ochakovo” company trying to get across the message, that kvass is not something archaic, but rather “modern” product with a good taste, that can perfectly satisfy one’s thirst and give energy.

For young and active people, who are always looking for new ideas, bright impressions and original tastes, the Company decided to order a new product, that combines an exotic fruit – kalamansy – and traditional Russian beverage.

To develop a new packaging design of “Ochakovskiy” kvass limited edition with kalamansy juice. Visual image should be different from the main design of the brand, highlight its exotic taste and attract young audience.

Such original and unusual taste has determined the image and new design – bright and full of contrasts. Colorful geometry pattern vs abstract black-n-white illustrations, sophisticated letter “O” vs minimalistic solution of can image – all of this describe an extraordinary gustatory experiment and attract attention of the young audience.

Beverage got bright and fresh image and now can become the perfect choice for young and active people, replacing habitual soda drinks and alcoholic cocktails.