Son of the Morning

Derrick Lin


Design Agency: Hired Guns Creative
Printer: Westkey Graphics
Photography: Sean Fenzl
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Driftwood Brewery
Location: Victoria, Canada
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Materials: Glass

“Make it EVIL” – that was Driftwood’s only request for their intense Son of the Morning strong golden ale. We decided to approach the label as if it were an album cover, drawing on old-school brutal death metal from the early to mid-90s. In order to graphically render the gory and grotesque while retaining legibility and an iconic sensibility, we paid special attention to colour design within a classic triangular composition. This allowed us to push the limits with our textures: sticky, oozy blood, rotting bone, ancient, melting flesh, spatter, jagged, splintering wood…