Hired Guns Creative

414 Pine St, Nanaimo, BC V9R 2C2, Canada

Design: Hired Guns Creative
Photography: Sean Fenzl
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Discreetly Baked
Location: Nanaimo / Canada
Packaging Contents: Luxury cannabis

For the branding of luxury cannabis brand Discreetly Baked, we were tasked with creating a look that would feature bold, distinctive branding for a diverse line of cannabis products. We started with the concept of classical, elegant elements to evoke the idea of an upscale party in a bag, with complementary patterns intended to connect the organic and chemical components of cannabis into one, seamless brand.

The eye at the centre of the identity draws consumers in with a provocative look, drawing on pop-art styles to imply a certain cool ambivalence while the eye, half-closed, gives the distinct impression of being baked in a way that’s handled discreetly. We surrounded the eye with hand-drawn geometric illustrations, calling upon the imagery of secret societies as an analogy for the central theme of discretion.

The grapes and flowers in the background of the CBD product line are inspired by the styles found in art nouveau illustrated advertisements, arousing an almost lascivious aesthetic—something exquisite lies within—while the organic matter speaks to the organic nature of the product. The geometric shapes in the THC products distort the organics, as though looking through a faceted lens—they abstract and simplify the forms, while the prismatic colours conjure a sense of psychedelics.

The product packaging features black and crystal containers with gold and silver accents; every vial, vape, and bottle features clean, polished lines and chic designs; these are party favours for discerning individuals seeking an evening of decadence, who favour discretion over careless hedonism.