GoodMills – Professional Flours


Kafkova 527/10, 160 00 Praha 6-Dejvice, Česko

Design Agency: DePOT Design
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: GoodMills
Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Redesign of 15 kg and 50 kg bags for bakeries and restaurants.

The task was to increase the attractiveness, giving a more professional impression and improve the distinction of the different types of flour. Furthermore, it was necessary to add some innovative elements, such as a system of symbols, which depict wheat or rye. They also verify that the manufacturer has quality certificates, etc. The packaging is very technical and minimalist. The emphasis is placed on functionality. The only element that lightens the design and brings emotions into it is an illustration of the mill. Monochrome printing is preferred from a cost perspective and was preserved together with the basic color-coding.