Carnilove TRUE FRESH


Kafkova 527/10, 160 00 Praha 6-Dejvice, Česko

Carnilove TRUE FRESH

Respect for dog’s instinctive love of meat.

This highly premium range of products marketed under the Carnilove True Fresh brand uses recipes based exclusively on fresh meat. This product line benefits comprise, above all, the high content of “active” nutrients, higher digestibility, and exceptional palatability.

The completely new visual identity of the True Fresh brand places utmost emphasis on the natural and fresh aspect of the products. The packaging material used with the top paper layer also corresponds to the notion. The place of origin is supported by a drawing of the landscape in the background and the label, reminiscent of s hand sticker, refers to manual processing. The key was to draw the consumer’s attention to a specific type of meat (protein), the protagonist of the design. This was achieved by a minimalist concept of the entire package in contrast to the dominant foodshot.

The project included a Carnilove logo facelift.

Thanks to the success of this dry food range, the Carnilove True Fresh brand portfolio has been expanded with a range of raw freeze-dried treats.

A number of supporting materials were created for the Carnilove True Fresh product line.