Williams Martini Racing Limited Edition Bottle (Concept)

Derrick Lin


Design Agency: F1 Design
Designer: Philip Harris
Project Type: Concept
Location: Beverly Hills, California, USA
Packaging Contents: Vermouth
Packaging Materials: Carbon Fiber, Aluminum, Titanium

F1 Design combines the embodiment of racing inspired design and Martini’s rich motorsports legacy, both seamlessly infused into a timeless product incorporating exotic motorsport materials and Formula One manufacturing techniques.

An aluminum bottle core encased in a full carbon fiber composite body finished in genuine Williams Martini Racing color palette and automotive grade lacquer.

Race inspired features include;

F1 Wheel retaining nut
A formula one derived wheel retaining nut, quarter turn bottle mount, for attachment of the bottle to its case and Titanium fasteners throughout.

Carbon Fiber Collectors Case
Finished in Formula One specification carbon fiber composite with anodized CNC machined Aluminum Alloy with full LED corner lighting. The baseplate features a numbered collector’s plate.

What’s Unique?
Usage of carbon fiber composites in the wine and spirits category. Food safe resin systems. Self contained LED lighting for display. Quarter turn camera lens style attachment of the bottle to the case. An actual marketable product with direct tie-ins to the F1 team that Martini sponsors in the Formula 1 championship.