Paolo Parisi – Special Edition

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Creative Agency: Giulio Patrizi Design Agency
Designer: Giulio Patrizi
Additional Credits: TF&Partners
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Paolo Parisi
Location: Italy
Packaging Contents: Egg
Packaging Materials: Plastic, Paper, Pre-sowed Cloth

Paolo Parisi is one of the most famous chef in Italy. He’s mostly known for his “special” eggs. We had the pleasure to create a complete innovative packaging for “his” creations. One of his most known recipe is the “absolut egg”, a fried egg with a special addition of marjoram. We wanted to let the client create his own recipe, providing him all the ingredients.

We designed a shockproof box, in order to avoid an egg break.

The shockproof was created through the use of a pre-sowed marjoram cloth.

As soon as the box arrives, the customer can use the pre-sowed cloth for his egg, by reading the recipe on the box.

What’s Unique?
There’s a double aim, one is shockproof, one is more playful.

You can make your own kitchen-success!